The 2017 Ferrari F12 M Will Be The Last Unassisted V12 Ferrari Will Make

When the Ferrari F12 M debuts next month at the Geneva Motor Show, not only will it’s V12 pump out around 800 horsepower but it will be the very last unassisted 12-cylinder built by Ferrari. Since it pushes such a staggering number, it will become the most powerful Ferrari engine used in a series production model too.

“The car’s production run will be short, starting at the beggining of 2018 and ending by the close of 2019, so just 1000 to 1200 examples are expected to be sold with a very small portion of these being right-hand drive. A limited-run special edition version will also be produced in just 80 to 100 units.

Pricing is expected to grow significantly from the F12’s current entry-level £241,073 figure, due to the F12 M’s status as the last atmospheric V12 model.”AutoCar

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