The Tech That Is Making Motorbike Riding a Breeze

Motorbikes are keeping up with the world of ever changing technology. That much is for certain. Modern motorbikes are rife with all the latest and most cutting-edge pieces of tech that make riding them as easy now as it ever has been. And the best thing about it all for motorbike enthusiasts? The aesthetics of their favourite bikes aren’t ruined. No, bikes still look as cool as ever even when they are riddled in technology.

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One such example is ride-by-wire technology. This tech makes turning the throttle an action that is now controlled by electronic mechanism and not a cable one. Ride-by-wire technology works by sending an electric signal from the throttle to the ECU which then itself works out the best course of action to take. This computerised tech works out just how much power the bike and its rider needs at that time. This results in a control over the engine that has never been experienced by riders in the past. And yes, ride-by-wire electronics are completely safe. In order to stop the bike from getting to trigger happy and injecting itself with too much power there are safeguards in place. One safeguard is the fact that two signals are sent to the ECU computer and if they disagree with one another then the bike will simply go limp. There will be no way for the bike to be ridden when these signals disagree meaning that no rider is going to be thrown from a bike that is overdosing on power.

And technology is further impacting motorbike safety. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems are one such way. They bring information to riders safely and promptly in order to make them aware of any dangers that may be facing them literally further down the road. This technology works in the most least distracting of manners and improves the riding experience two-fold. And technology hasn’t just stopped with the bike: helmets are now safer than ever too. 6D motorbike helmets are now available and do a whole lot of good for riders. They incorporate a Omni-Directional Suspension feature that works to reduce shock energy transmitted to the brain when a motorbike accident occurs. And when it does so, technology has to unfortunately be forgone as the rider should seek legal aid as quickly as possible. As good as technology is it can’t yet fight a legal battle.

But what technology has managed to do is implement electric motorbikes onto the roads. These types of bikes make riding not only a breeze for riders but also for the earth. These types of vehicles leave far less of a carbon footprint on the earth as more traditional bikes do. So if you’re a love of nature as well as lover of good motorbike you can rest assured that you can now love both at the same time.

So, the next time you hop aboard a motorbike try to remember all the tech that is working tirelessly to make your experience a breeze.

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