Car Tuning Myths That Are More Common Than They Should Be

For so many a car is basically similar to a family member. Owners do all that is possible for cars to receive the best maintenance and treatment possible. Car enthusiasts tend to invest a lot in moving performance way beyond the factory standards. This is what we refer to as tuning.

The great thing about tuning is there are so many things that can be done. You can work on exterior features like with the options offered by Van Isle Glass or can improve engine performance. No matter the case, you want to know as many options as there are. While that would be impossible to completely cover, let’s focus on the reasons why people do not get their cars tuned. There are many myths that can be mentioned but those below appear way too often.

Tuning Is Not Good For The Car

The misconception is that car tuning would be done in the factory if it was good for the vehicle. This is completely incorrect since factories tend to make various compromises. Standardization is what is really important. The idea is to achieve a totally optimal balance between quality and investment. Car tuning is not bad. It is just not cost-efficient for the manufacturers.

Tuning Will Shorten Engine Life

When you add more horsepower to the engine there will be more stress put on it. This can lead to moving parts showing faster wear. However, when this is done you do not necessarily shorten the life of the engine. When a professional handles car tuning there won’t be any consequences that you have to deal with except performance improvements.

Car Warranty Voided By Tuning

So many car owners do not want to tune their vehicles because of the belief that warranty would be voided. While warranty would be lost when a private company handles the modifications, if the work is done by factory tuners or by tuners authorized by the manufacturer, warranty will not be affected. Car makers just do not end up responsible for modifications done by an authorized third party. You can always go for the authorized third party to avoid that.

Increased Fuel Consumption

The myth that you are going to end up using more fuel because factory settings are modified is not true in most situations. This is because properly done car tuning will use high quality valves and camshafts to increase horsepower. In fact, in many cases fuel consumption is lowered because of the improved engine parts added.

Car Tuning Is Illegal

There are some laws that have to be respected but in the event you go to a reputable car tuner you can be sure that there won’t be any legal problem for you. The tuned cars have no problem in passing technical and safety tests if the work done was handled by true professionals. This is why it is actually really important to carefully choose the car tuner. Only those that have been around for a long time with minimum customer complaints have to be considered for the work.

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