Here Is How We Would Configure Our Porsche 991.2 GT3

Porsche has just released the configurator for the new 911 GT3 so we took it upon ourselves to come up with our perfect spec. Base price for the new 991.2 GT3 sits at R2,800,000 but we know this price can spike with the endless list of options available. Our spec below will set you back R3,400,000 but we selected pretty much every nice to have.

  • Miami Blue paint – R65,150
  • Wheels painted satin black – R18,460
  • Leather interior with Alcantara – R55,380
  • Lightweight bucket seats – R85,770
  • Carbon ceramic brakes – R167,600
  • Etc etc etc.
How would you order yours? Head to the link above and get creating. Remember to share your creation with us by commenting on the Facebook post.

PS: On a side note, you will have to wait until September if you want a Manual version of this car as Porsche has said that they will only start building manual cars then.

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