How To Figure Out If You Have To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

Statistics show that you will have to deal with a car accident claim once every 20 years in the US. It does not sound like something serious since most of the claims are very simple to deal with. The problem is that there are cases in which things are going to be really bad and you will need the services of an experienced car accident attorney. According to specialists from Khan Law Firm, PLLC, if the injury suffered during a car accident is serious it is a necessity to work with a car accident attorney.

The good news is that most incidents involve just property damage. The bad news is that 20% of incidents will involve people that are hurt. We are faced with rising medical costs and many old drivers. All this leads to more injury claims and a higher possibility to be faced with civil court lawsuits.

Whenever you think about whether or not the car accident attorney is necessary, remember the following factors you have to analyze.

Property Damage
In the event that there are no injuries there is a good possibility your case will be solved without going to court. Opposing insurance adjusters will offer a similar settlement to what the car accident attorney can get for you. That is because the cases are really simple to deal with.

A Minor Injury Case
The law states that minor injuries are those that allow you to recover in just some days and with medical bills being under $1,000. Such cases will normally involve contusions, scrapes and minor cuts. Accident victims might also miss some work but nothing serious. Contacting car accident attorneys is usually a really good idea since settlements offered by insurance companies will just want to cover medical bills. Something more is normally needed.

A Major Injury Case
Whenever we are faced with serious damages and a situation in which many work days are missed, you want to seriously consider contacting the car accident attorney. This includes whiplash, broken bones, head trauma and joint damage as being the most common of the complicated major injuries. We are normally faced with permanent impairment risk. Personal injury law has to be respected and lawyers have to focus on helping clients get as much as needed.

Finding Great Car Accident Attorneys
As insured drivers are considered to be responsible for car collisions and there is another party hurt, insurance providers will try to settle a case without getting the attorneys involved. That is not a good idea in the major cases and even in some of the minor injury cases because insurance adjusters try to low-ball the settlements. When the injured party accepts the settlement, nothing else can be done in the future.

The car accident attorneys do a great job of helping clients to receive exactly the amount that should be offered. This is the most important thing at the end of the day. Always be sure you will find one that is highly experienced.

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