‘My Other Car’s A Porsche’ – Cool City Rides That Don’t Need An Excuse

Let’s face it – the city just isn’t built for sports cars. Bumps in the road (not all deliberately installed), tiny parking lots, and stop-start traffic simply doesn’t let your car serve its purpose. People are simply too busy to stop and stare as you drive past (at 5 mph because nothing’s moving again), so what’s the point in getting her out of the garage? If you’re in the city on business, or for a spot of retail therapy, you need something that can maneuver and won’t cost you a fortune in fuel.


The Mini doesn’t have to be mini if you pick a Countryman. Of course, there is a lot to be said for picking the smallest vehicle you can squeeze into. Perhaps the coolest thing about the Mini offering is the opportunity to fully customize your car. You want it to turn heads? Design it that way. If you’re not really feeling the mini vibe, you’ll find most manufacturers are now offering a small compact to compete. They’re fun, nippy, and perfect for the city ride.


Yes, even Chevy have a car they market as urban ideal. The Volt is a hybrid that can run 100% electric in the city. Some say the acceleration here is on par with fuel-driven vehicles. It may be a lot bigger than the mini city cars on offer, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the legroom you might want in the back. Still, it has space for all your shopping, and it’s still easy enough to park. Check out the latest new models to see if there are any must-have extras onboard.


The German offering for city cars continues to out-do most of the rest when it comes to those luxury high-end touches we all love. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re nimble or even affordable. The BMW i3 has received a few rave reviews for its clever onboard tech, and it is claimed that it is, in fact, more nimble than most of the rest. The X1 is substantially bigger and broodier so it might be best suited to someone wanting the best of both urban and interstate driving.



OK, so it’s not a car, but in the city, you’re not going far when you’re driving a car anyway. There are plenty of cost benefits to something like the elektrische scooter too. There are no fueling costs because it’s 100% battery powered. As you know, anything with a battery needs to be charged, so pick a model with a detachable pack you can bring into the office with you. Electric vehicles tend to be lighter in weight too, making them highly maneuverable. Best of all, scooters can look pretty cool when you’re out and about. Enjoy the weather, and go where you want.


The Kia Soul has won acclaim for its value for money offering. As for looks, you might be on the fence. Some will love it’s ‘trendy’ cube-like appearance, while others may steer clear. You can’t complain about passenger or cargo space, though. Is it cooler than a Porsche? You decide!

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