Trucktastic Tips You Need In Your Life!

Some folks will only ever get to drive a car in their lifetime. But they will be missing out as they will never get to know the power and the thrill of driving vehicles like the Leyland-DAF Hook Lift Load Body Truck and the Mercedes Benz Chassis Cab Actros 2540 mp2 Truck.

Having said that it does take a certain kind of person to drive a truck well, and if you are thinking of attempting it, then you need to take a peek at the advice below, to make sure that you are well prepared for the challenge.


Obviously steering a large truck isn’t about the same as steering a car. That means before you take it out on the open road you need to get the feel of it. This is because you need to account for the increased size and weight, which can sometimes make negotiating corners, or narrow roadways more difficult.

In term of the two vehicles mentioned above, the Mercedes-Benz does really well here, as its pneumatic suspension makes it easier to manoeuvre and drive.


Aerodynamics is something else that you need to watch out for when driving a truck as opposed to a car. Aerodynamics is the flow of air over the vehicle. If the dynamics are good, it can help it achieve less wind resistance, and so better stability and speed.

Out of the two vehicles mentioned, the Layland does better here as the fairing on the roof is sloped providing, a better aerodynamic line.

Insurance and accidents

Another factor that always needs to be considered when operating a truck is the insurance and accident provision. Trucks are larger and heavier than normal cars so they can be a lot more dangerous if the driver loses control.

That means to get insurance on them, it’s a lot more expensive. Also, the driver must have the correct training, license, and safety timer in the cab to operate them within the proper limits.

In addition, it means that if you do end up having a crash, your next call after the emergency services should be to a truck accident law firm. This is because large vehicle accidents can be very complicated, and you will need someone with extensive experience of them to get the best results for all concerned.

Environmental issues

Also, another way in which driving a truck is different from driving a typical car is their impact on the environment. The larger machines need more fuel to run them. Making them much more expensive and less environmentally friendly.

However, it is important to point out they are used to transport; large loads in one go, that would take a traditional sized vehicle many trips. So the environmental impact does somewhat even out over time.

Again here, the Mercedes-Benz triumphs because its aerodynamic design means it can achieve up to a 4% fuel saving. Something that can add up to a lot less fuel used, especially if you have a fleet of them to run.

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