Windshield Protection


The sound of a stone hitting our car is enough to send a shiver through the best of us, dreading the potential chip in our paintwork we are likely to find when we pull up. Recently technology advances have seen paint protection reach new levels with products such as ceramic coatings used as part of car detailing or paint protection film, adding tough layers of protection between our valuable paintwork and the potential wear and tear damage of the daily commute. But a car’s paintwork is not the only vulnerable asset we should be looking to protect, from both an investment and safety point of view, we should also consider windshield protection.

Vinyl protection has been available for some time for windshields, but the latest advances in technology have seen some amazing products come to market. Bray are considered the market leaders in windshield protection, with their multi-layer systems allowing for the replacement of the outer layer if it gets damaged, while retaining the tougher base layers. If you have ever seen a racing driver remove a visor film strip, these systems work in the same way.

Made up of the best materials available and featuring hard coats, 99% UV blocking, HD optical clarity and anti-glare properties, the Bray systems are unrivalled on the market at affordable prices with standard kits starting at only $199. These products not only protect against stone chips and cracking, they are also advanced safety systems, preventing the windscreen from shattering or from objects coming through the screen in the event of an accident.

Bray have worked extremely hard to produce a product that is 100% optically clear, meaning the film is totally invisible and will have no effect on the view through the screen itself. When considering the cost of a replacement screen, especially with high end vehicles and supercars, the investment is in protection film is minimal and most products also include manufacturer warranties.

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