Zenvo Bringing Bright Blue 1163 HP Monster Called TS1 GT To Geneva

When I went to the Geneva Motor Show last year, there was a Zenvo TS1 on display and to say it’s jaw-dropping is the understatement of the year. What they are bringing to Geneva this year is the TS1 GT and it is a ballistic looking thing.

It has been confirmed to pack 1,163 HP and a whooping 1,100 Nm of torque and rumors swirling the interwebs indicate that it will be capable of 402 km/h. Thanks to the official images from Zenvo below, we can see that it was designed with perfect airflow and downforce management in mind, though its appearance was also inspired by the “muscular tension of a lioness stalking its prey”.

One neat new feature to the TS1 GT is the 7-speed Sports transmission with helical cut gears in a ‘Dog Box’ configuration, offering lightning-fast gear changes (40 milliseconds). Powering the beast is a 5.8-litre twin-supercharged V8 constructed from an ultra-light alloy with flat-plane crank and air to air intercooler. This is BEAST personified.

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