Disabled Drivers Joining the Road and Getting Involved in Motorsports

Due to a combination of thoughtful people, amazing technology and inspirational spirit, many people with a disability are able to get onto the road and drive with a great deal of confidence. So much so, in fact, that there is a remarkable community of disabled drifters who are achieving fantastic things despite their limitations.


Some of these drifters are huge petrol heads that are able to do what they love through the use of impressive adapted vehicles and a great deal of spirit. These adaptations can include hand controls for those that are unable to use their legs, like Sedrick who lost control of his legs in an accident, or foot controls like Polish pro drifter Bartosz Ostalowski, who manages to drift (and very well) despite not having arms.


The technology that is being incorporated into modern vehicles is making it easier and safer for disabled motorists to drive. In addition to the amazing adaptations that vehicles from places like Allied Mobility can come with, the majority of modern cars come with a wide range of features that make driving better for all. This includes things like automatic braking, blind spot assist, lane keep assist and plenty more.


So, as you can see there is enough technology and spirit for those with a disability to get behind the wheel, but how can you learn and get your license? Fortunately, there are some terrific organisations and schools that provide lessons specifically for disabled individuals. These places will find the right automobile for your particular needs and provide you with an instructor that will teach you to drive confidently and safely.


Next, you will need to pass your test – this will be the same test that every other motorist must pass. You will be operating the automobile differently, but you will still need to demonstrate that you are a capable and safe driver. Once you pass your test, you will need to notify the DVLA of your disability and you will only be licensed to drive the type of adapted vehicle that you passed your test in. If your condition changes or worsens, you will need to contact the DVLA once again.

Each year there are more and more disabled individuals who are not only learning to drive and joining the roads, but also performing in sports like drifting and other motorsports. This is all possible thanks to the fantastic technology and innovations that have been introduced in recent times, but also through the people helping individuals to learn and the great spirit and confidence of the individuals.

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