April Fools Breakfast Run in Bloem – 1st April 2017

Written by Callie from Motion Throttle

This was our second attempt at organizing a breakfast run. And it was also our most successful to date. Our goal is simple. We want to grow Bloem’s car community and bring it’s petrolheads together.

Up until this point, Bloem has had a few small car gatherings and events here and there but never really any big events to look forward to each year.

The cars are here, and the right people are here. We hope that by starting small with at least one breakfast run every month, that we’ll be able to lure out more exclusive cars, and bring together more groups/clubs. If all goes to plan, we would have built a strong enough community to be able to organize bigger events and massive car shows.

With each run we meet interesting and excited new people who are eager to help contribute to this reactivation of Bloem’s stagnant car community. Only time will tell where we’ll end up. But with all the passionate people we’ve met so far, I’m confident we can make things happen for Bloem.

Want to see more pics? Visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/gerhard.vanrensburg.96/posts/1260550883994459


Source Motion Throttle Shutter_burst_photography
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