How to Stay Safe While Driving

Driving out on the open road can give you a sense of freedom you rarely find anywhere else. It can also give you a thrill if you’re visiting a race track or driving off-road. However, driving does come with its dangers and its best be cautious at all times. This can be especially true for new drivers who aren’t used to driving in new surroundings. Here are some tips on staying safe while driving.


Stay Alert

There can be many distractions when it comes to driving so you need to be observant. Don’t start off on a long journey if you’re tired and always take a break if you’re on the road and you feel yourself getting drowsy. It’s particularly important if you’re driving at night time or in adverse weather conditions, like heavy rain. If you’re unable to stop and you’re feeling tired, turn off the music and sing instead. This will ensure you stay alert rather than be soothed by playing music. You should also open your window and let cold air in. Stop as soon as you get the chance.

Don’t Use Mobile Phones

When you receive a call or text while driving, it’s tempting to take a look, or even reply. Using your phone will driving is very dangerous, and it’s one of the biggest distractions to cause accidents. Even when your phone is displayed on your dashboard or you use it as your satellite navigation system, it can still take your eyes off the road long enough to cause a crash. If you know you’ll need directions on a regular basis, consider investing in a Sat Nav instead of using your phone, so you can store your phone away safely until the vehicle is parked.

Be Aware of Others

Sadly, there has been a history of drivers purposely causing accidents to make injury claims. With the rise of in-car cameras, thankfully, it doesn’t happen as often. However, it’s still wise to have eyes everywhere while driving. Even if you’re the most cautious driver in the world, another more reckless driver could put you in an accident. If that happens you may need a car accident attorney. If you’re aware of what other drivers are doing, you’ll be much safer on the road.

Don’t Take Risks

It goes without saying that no-one should ever risk drinking and driving. However, many people do still have an alcoholic drink with a meal and get behind the wheel. Although one drink won’t get you drunk, it can still dull your senses. It’s also not worth the risk to make illegal U-turns or speed up as traffic lights are changing to red. Life is busy and we all want to get to our destinations as quickly as possible, but don’t play Russian roulette.

The rules for staying safe while driving are mostly common sense, but it’s surprising how many people are willing to ignore them. When you are driving, you have more than your own life in your hands, so keep everyone safe.

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