What Are The Most Popular Of The BMWs Sold In UK?

BMW is a brand that literally everyone knows. There are so many BMWs that are simply loved by the UK market. Over 100,000 such cars are sold every single year, mainly because of the huge reputation the manufacturer has at the moment. Sales are going up and so many innovations appear in BMW cars. Top Gear reviews are always good and UK simply loves the German manufacturer.

With so many different great BMWs, how can you know which one to buy? If we take a look at the ones that are the most sold, we can easily answer this question. The following are the most popular of UK’s BMWs, the ones that you absolutely have to consider buying.

BMW 1 Series Sports Hatch

The entry level BMW 1 Series has a really high reputation as being a compact car with great performance driving, together with great fuel efficiency. Over 23,000 such cars are sold every single year. The model that is the most popular is the one with 5 seats. The 4 cylinder petrol engines are very good and the diesel variants can only be described as being highly efficient.

BMW 3 Series Saloon

BMW 2 Series Saloon is among the most successful of all the BMW cars ever made. The Modern, Luxury and Sport trims that are available are great but the M Sport edition is the one that many look for. Touring and saloon versions in the BMW 3 series are both very strong sellers. What is interesting is that gas emissions are low and the mileage is pretty good at the same time. You can even opt for some wonderful upgrades if you want to.


The really high powered BMW takes full advantage of Heads Up Display and ConnectedDrive features, creating a wonderful model that has various different feature and customization upgrades available. The diesel engines are 6 cylinders and will offer a huge 258 hp with the use of turbocharging. The 4 cylinder diesel based engines will offer outstanding fuel economy. BMW X3 and the upgraded X5 are both really great opportunities, featuring so much more than what you normally get in a car.

BMW 5 Series Saloon

When looking at company cars, the BMW 5 Series Saloon is a favorite. It is just as effective as Gran Turismo and Touring models while featuring great fuel efficiency and various powerful additions. BMW 5 Series will balance engine performance with great handling, all at running costs that are really low given the size of the car. Higher powered M5 options can be taken into account if you want more.

BMW 6 Series

The bestselling models in the BMW 6 Series are the Convertible, Gran Coupes and Coupes ones. They are great given the luxury that is available and even if the recession is still felt, sales performance is as high as ever. Various engine models can be taken into account and you will surely find something that is great in your case.

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