The Best Friends a Driver Could Make

Whether you’re driving around for the first time in a new area or if you’re a seasoned veteran that knows their local area like the back of their hand, there’s always room for more friends. When you’re a driver, it pays to get to know people because there are several advantages that come with being social. To give you some ideas, here are a few examples of people that make excellent friends to any driver and why.


Your local mechanic

It should come as no surprise that mechanics sometimes overcharge. Perhaps they’re trying to rip you off and charge more for a repair, maybe they’ll dazzle you with technical jargon or perhaps they’ll just lie to your face. Whatever it is, it pays to get to know your mechanic properly before asking them to fix your car every now and then. Not only does it ensure you won’t get ripped off, you’ll also pick up some valuable information about how to fix your car, how to maintain it, and they’ll also be more willing to come out and tow your car back to their garage should it break down.

The experienced neighbour

It could be tips on how to get the best deal for your car insurance or it could be tips on how to drive around the town in slippery conditions. Whatever it is, it pays to have a more experienced driver as a friend. This helps with your overall knowledge of the surrounding area and it gives you a chance to learn about the local roads and dangerous locations to avoid. Even if you know the area, it still helps to have a friend who is more experienced at driving than you so they can give you tips on how to improve your skills and drive safely.

An attorney

We all get a bit naughty in the car sometimes. Be it a little too much alcohol or accidentally bumping into someone’s parked vehicle, you’re going to need people like Parks & Braxton, criminal DUI attorneys, to help you get out of that sticky situation. The more you interact with them, the more business you’ll give them and the more friendly you’ll become. Although it’s a good idea to make friends with an attorney, just pray that you never have to actually use their services by avoiding every crash you can.

Any dealership

Whether you’re buying, selling or doing a combination of both, it helps to know a car dealership owner so you can get the best deals on selling your old vehicle, swapping cars or buying your first. They’ll tell you all about the cars, they’ll speak about how you can save money, and they might even throw in a discount.

The friend that doesn’t drink

Going out with friends is a lot of fun, but it can be frustrating when you can’t drive home due to the alcohol in your system. Instead of relying on public transport, why not bring along a friend that doesn’t like to drink? They’ll get used to your car and (hopefully) be more than willing to drive you and your friends back after a wild night out.

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