Why You Need a Motoring Lawyer if Your Licence Is at Risk

One of the most important documents you can have is your driving licence. In some ways, it’s more important than your passport as some jobs require you to have one; then, of course, you may need it to commute to work.

It’s not just work where your licence is important, though, as you might have children who need to travel to school, or to after-school activities and parties. You may also have elderly relatives who rely on you to get them to medical appointments.

Then there’s you – you love driving. You love just getting into your car for a drive to the coast or to the mountains.

All this means that the thought of being banned from driving is a nightmare. Not only are you worried about how you’ll cope and keep your job, but you’ll also be feeling ashamed and isolated. You may also feel angry with yourself for speeding or having that last drink. These feelings are all OK and hopefully you’ll have learned your lesson without anyone getting hurt. You may be ready for your punishment; whatever you’re feeling, you still need legal help from experts like Kenway Miller Solicitors.

Your lawyers won’t judge you

What your lawyers will do is judge your case and its facts so that they can get you the best outcome. For example, if you were caught speeding, they could argue that you were only a tad over the limit and that the type of camera that caught you isn’t always reliable. You could have your case dismissed. At the very least, you could have a fine or a ban reduced.

If you’re caught drink driving, a good legal team can present evidence to say that the reading may have been unreliable, that you have special reasons for driving or that you weren’t actually over the limit at the time. In these scenarios, you could retain your licence. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve got away with it! You must stay on the path in the future. Lawyers are objective, but they certainly don’t condone drink-driving or speeding; they just want to make sure you’re treated fairly. The system is not perfect. Sometimes the law is not applied as it should be and unfair convictions or punishments don’t help you or help the public to respect the law in the long run. A top motoring lawyer will ensure your case results in the best possible outcome.

Don’t worry if you are convicted

No solicitor can guarantee that they can get your case dismissed – sometimes you will just have to accept your punishment, but an experienced legal team can reduce the severity and impact of your conviction. You may face a year-long ban that gets reduced to eight months, for example.

If you think you may lose your driving licence, get legal representation ASAP!

You can’t represent yourself in court as you simply don’t have the knowledge, experience or skills to do it. You need to hire a lawyer and fast; just weigh up the costs of the effects of a driving ban against the costs of legal help – it’s usually a simple calculation!

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