The Driving Habits That Will Drive You Insane

We all like to think of ourselves as pretty good drivers. We may have passed our tests a few years ago, but we haven’t had even the slightest of bumps or knocks or scrapes. No run-ins with the law, no collisions, and no bad habits. Or so you may think. Ask anyone what their partner’s most annoying driving habit is, and they’ll probably reel you off a list. Take a look at these irritating driving habits and see if you can honestly say that you do not succumb to any of them.

  1. Destroying A Speaker System

Most people are content to hum along to their chilled out acoustic melodies while driving down the highway. You don’t feel the need to broadcast your music selection. However, there is always one individual who believes the entire neighbourhood wants to hear the dulcet tones of their hard house music as they cruise around with their windows open and their below par subwoofers exposed.

  1. Eating At The Wheel

Eating while driving is not annoying. It is the fact that some people choose to eat an evening meal of chicken, fries, a burger all washed down with a milkshake while trying to remain in full control of their vehicle that grates. The view of car accident attorneys is that this constitutes unsafe driving that can cause major distractions and road traffic collisions. It only takes one person to be distracted by a spilled cappuccino in their lap to cause a multi-car pile-up.

  1. Refusing To Overtake A Cop

Is it that everyone on the highway is trying to evade the law for some reason or simply that people see a cop car, freak out and immediately go ten miles an hour slower? The blue and white paint job coming into view certainly causes some drivers to lose all sense of reason and drive as if they were following a safety car at a Grand Prix.

  1. Lights

It seems to be an increasingly popular phenomenon now that drivers at night are leaving their full beam headlights on when approaching oncoming traffic. Even though you are flashing to the oncoming driver as a gentle reminder that their lights are blinding you and could cause both of your imminent deaths through a head-on collision, your pleas go ignored.

  1. Beeping

Some people rarely touch their horn, and some people relish any opportunity to punch the centre of their steering wheel to beep away. At every crossroads, traffic lights and roundabout in the country, there is a driver eagerly waiting for only the slightest hesitation by the driver in front before he unleashes a horn bombardment.  

So you may be a highly competent driver, able to parallel park with ease, reverse around a corner in quick time, and perform an expert three point turn but if any of the above habits creep into your repertoire of driving quirks, you may find yourself classed as an annoying driver. Banish those bad habits; it’s never too late to change.

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