You Must Always Check These 6 Things Before Embarking On A Car Trip

Long drives and trips to other areas in one’s own car can be quite relaxing and soothing. Away from the rut of the daily life, travelling really calms one’s minds and puts it in a much better situation. However one of the worst things to happen during a car trip is probably if the car breaks down. Hence, it is of great importance that we take all precautionary steps to make sure that the car is in the optimal conditions, perform the necessary checks so we have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Following are some of the most important things that I think you must keep in mind before embarking on a long trip:

1) Check Your Battery
The battery is one of the most important components of the car. And unless you want to continuously jumpstart your car, it is really essential that your battery is in a tip top state. You need to make sure that the terminals are clean. If they are not, a simple mixture of baking soda and water can help clean them up.

2) Lights
Checking your lights is basic common sense, but sometimes people forget to do that in a hurry. Lights are crucial for your safety especially if you are travelling at night or night befalls you during travel, and also if you don’t want to get a ticket. Check each of your lights at low and high beam and confirm whether or not they are working.

3) Inspect your tires.
You literally rely on your tires for travelling. It is important to check your tires thoroughly before starting a trip. You should check the tires for bulges and tears, as well as inspect if  they have enough treads and are not completely worn out. As well as check the pressure of the air in the tires. In case, any problem appears it is very necessary to make the arrangements to fix or replace them.

4) Engine Oil

You need to make sure that the Engine Oil is properly filled. Slowly fill it up if it is not upto the level, because without it, your engine may overheat. If you need to buy new engine oil or replace old parts, I personally recommend buying from

5) Navigation

This goes without saying, but I’ll still mention it. You really need to know where you are going and know the directions and the path. You could either know it from memory, or you could use an old-school map, or perhaps the most common nowadays GPS Nagivation System. Whatever it is, make sure it works and that you have successfully used it in the past.

6) Misc. Preparations
This check is especially important if you have kids. You need to have the proper snacks and food while on your way to your destination. Perhaps you could keep some audiobooks, CDs, etc. to occupy you on the way there. Be sure to carry all the essential documents you need to travel.

Apart from them all, drive safely. That really is the best advice to follow upon. These all preparations and checks will allow your car to run in a smooth manner, but ultimately it is up to you to drive in a safe and responsible manner.

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