The Fastest McLaren 570S In The World Run’s 9.9s Quarter Mile

The McLaren 570S is one rapid machine in stock form which makes it quite the competitor at the drag strip but with the help of some rather light modifications it is a demon.

The 570S you see above and in the video below currently holds the title as the fastest in the world and it’s quarter mile time if just 0.1 seconds slower than the much bigger brother, the P1.

Billet Motorsports are the chaps behind this tuning job and although their name suggests heavy modifications, they only fitted the Mac with a custom ECU, custom exhaust and some cooling mods to achieve the 9.984 second run. After the work was done, the British supercar hit the dyno and ended up pushing out 624 horses at the wheels (around 700 hp at the crank).

We might hear of this thing again rather soon as the tuner is thinking about fitting some larger turbo’s.

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