The Pros And Cons Of Popular Car Brands

There are so many different car brands out there these days, all of which are held in very high esteem around the world. But how can you be sure that you are choosing the best brand of car for you? There’s no need to worry about the decision anymore; here is our ultimate guide to all the pros and cons of popular car brands.

porsche gt2 rs south africa


BMW has to be one of the most recognizable car brands out there, and you can buy BMW cars from just about anywhere. Whether you look at or visit your local car dealer, you are sure to find a BMW car. It’s true that BMWs are very reliable cars, but they rarely outperform any other brand. However, they don’t appear at the bottom of any best-of lists, so they make the perfect reliable cars, which are favored by families.


The South Korean car brand Kia make some really nifty smaller cars, perfect if you don’t yet have a family to drive around. But don’t worry if you do have kids already, Kia makes some slick compact family cars. They might not be known for their SUVs, but Kia’s selection of SUVs always rank very high when they are compared to other brand’s. Looking at the current car market, it looks like Kia’s popularity is set to remain high, and it could even become one of the biggest sellers over the next couple of years!



Toyota has been a firm favorite of drivers for many years now, and their cars always score highly when it comes to reliability and driveability. However, the company has faced some significant problems in the past, especially when it had to recall a high number of vehicles just a few years ago. However, the company seems to have bounced back and is still a household favorite.


Another car brand that always rates highly in reliability, Mercedes has been around for a good few decades already. A new Merc will come with many other pros, including a very high standard of manufacturing and the small touches of luxury that you will find in the interior. But, as with most things, there is a downside too. For instance, some Mercedes owners find that the finish on the exterior can easily chip and flake.


Porsche cars are built to the exact same high standard as Mercedes vehicles. That means you can expect some great reliability and driveability. Porsche cars are also known for their excellent driveability thanks to their great gear boxes. So, whenever your kids need to get driving lessons with, make sure they learn how to drive with stick. And then they can enjoy all the great benefits that come with driving a Porsche!

As you can see, each car brand comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You just need to review each brand to ensure that you pick the best possible one for you and your family too!

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