Beastly BRABUS G500 4×4² Rolls After Hitting A Prius In London


It was a very bad week for the owner of a big bruising BRABUS G500 4×4² after it rolled over in a collision in London. The occupants walked away unharmed from the accident but the ego of the driver and the reputation of this car is in tatters as it turns out the car ‘responsible’ for flipping this machine was a little Toyota Prius.

To make matters even worse, the incident occurred on Sloane Street in the middle of the famous city which is usually loaded with supercar spotters and the likes. The exact cause of the accident is not yet known but some sources are saying that the G500 ran a red light, and from the damage on both cars, it appears that the G500 owner hit the front of the Prius, leading to its upending.


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