An Estate For Business And Pleasure

Finding the perfect car to match your busy life can be a big challenge. When a car is too big for family life, it can be hard to manage on the roads. But, when it’s too small for your business or work, you will have to deal with a challenge every time you use it. To solve this issue, a balance needs to be found, between size and convenience. One of the best cars for this job is the Mercedes E-Class Estate. With its roomy interior and slight frame, this car is perfect for a lot of today’s road users. Especially if you run a business and have kids.

About The E-Class

The E-Class range has existed for a very long time, offering a luxury but sensible car to professionals and families. But, few of the iterations have been as good as the current one. With almost 2000l of overall capacity, this car can be compared to some small vans when you’re considering space alone. Of course, though, Mercedes don’t just create big cars; they create beautiful and high-performance cars.

As a testament to this, even the most basic model of the E-Class estate has a top speed of over 135 mph. The car is powered by a large engine and excellently engineered parts and comes with a lifetime warranty if you buy one new. Inside the car, you’ll find a whole host of different entertainment and driving options, from a normal stereo to a full-blown entertainment system in your car. Along with this, the E-Class is heralded as one of the safest estates on the road.

For Home

When it comes to using a car like this at home, you shouldn’t have any trouble. With enough room to pack all of the kids inside with their things, but a small enough body to negotiate traffic, this car is great for family outings. All of Mercedes’ cars can come with leather seats and rubber floor mats, making it easy to keep them clean. Adding roof racks and a tow bar would make this car perfect for anyone who wants to camp, too.

For Business

Using this car for business will be a pleasure, too, especially if you drive long distances. With plenty of room for almost anything, you shouldn’t find yourself struggling for space with an E-Class, even when you’re moving loads of products. With a simple wrap from a company like, you can have this car become a driving advert. This is a great way to make use of the car’s size, while also keeping it in good condition for family use or if you ever want to sell it. Of course, because this is a Mercedes, it will feel very natural to pull up to a business meeting inside of it.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of the versatile nature of the Mercedes E-Class Estate. Not a lot of people consider this class of car to be good for business and pleasure. But, in reality, you won’t get anything close to filling this role without buying two vehicles.

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