McLaren 570S Gets 1016 Industries Makeover

You probably know 1016 Industries for their Lamborghini kits and creations but they have decided to turn their attention to a British supercar with the Sports Series Mac known as the 570S.

Although I have not driven the car personally, I have read a few owners forums and reviews and some people noted a slight lack of downforce at the limits of performance. This is where 1016 Industries began as they completed a full body scan and analysis to find out where the deficiencies existed.

As you can see in the shots below, the whole package gives it a lot more aero and it looks like a mixture between the P1 GTR and of course the track version of the car, the 570 GT4. What does this kit entail?

  • Wing uprights and tips incorporate the Mclaren symbol
  • The upper blade has a new aero profile (max downforce, min drag)
  • The wing features pitch adjustable range
  • The front receives some attention to maximize front axle loading
  • Vented louvers in the fenders ensure that high pressure trapped air above the wheels is released
  • P1 style hood includes optional active air duct in partnership with another development house

The complete kit is fabricated in full carbon fibre material and fits both the McLaren 540 C and McLaren 570 GT/S.

They are also busy working on a plug and play ECU and TCU controller to offer the most complete upgrade available.

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