Why The Mercedes E350e Is The Best Company Car

Choosing the perfect company car can be a balancing between having a desirable vehicle, but also making sure it meets the needs and budget of your business. A company car has to have a range of functions, not least of which includes having good fuel economy, being reliable, and looking smart. Additionally, it is important to remember that you probably won’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a car as this is money that you could use elsewhere in your business. One of the most important things you will have to think about, and which is all too often overlooked, is the company car tax that you will have to pay for purchasing a vehicle. There are some cars better than others, and worth investing in, standing out in the world of company vehicles. One of these is the Mercedes E350e.

Why The Mercedes E350e Is The Best Company Car

The Mercedes E350e has all the benefits of the regular E class, with the same aesthetic of a sleek look, a smooth ride, and a plush interior. However, this model is the most environmentally friendly as it is a plug-in model with a powerful electric motor emitting just 49g/Km or CO2.. Having an environmentally friendly car will give you serious kudos and might gain you some respect in the business community, particularly as most industries are moving towards reducing their carbon footprint, and consumers are increasingly interested in corporate social responsibility.

This model combines luxury with economy, and is one of the more affordable Mercedes models out there. The plush interior is simple and streamlined and features luxury trim and comfortable seats that provide enough room for even the tallest of individuals.You control a large percentage of the vehicle’s systems through a central screen and have the option to upgrade to a 12 inch Comand Online system which feels like it’s of better quality as a result of having better graphics.

Crucially, the E-class got a five-star safety rating when it was evaluated in 2016 and features automatic emergency braking that detects cars and people. These safety features, which are indispensable in a company car, can ensure that you protect your employees as well as yourself.

The engine itself is incredibly efficient, which is down to its powerful electric motor and 2.0-litre petrol engine which returns 143mpg and produces 281hp which gives it a smooth, powerful performance.

If you are looking to find a company car that is environmentally friendly, puts comfort and style at the forefront, and is a respected brand with trusted safety features, then look no further than the Mercedes E-Class E350e.

How To Go About Getting A Mercedes E350e


If you have the funds, buying a company car outright can save you the additional costs of repayments. If you’re lucky enough to come across a 1% finance deal, then that gives you the same benefits as buying a car but does still tie you into a payment plan. If you do buy your car outright, however, it may limit your cashflow in other areas, particularly if you are a small or startup company.


Financing your car is one of the most popular options for people seeking to buy vehicles. There are various methods you can use to help finance your car, including specific loans called Installment loans. This type of loan can help you make payments if you find yourself short one month or can go towards the regular repayment of your vehicle for a certain period of time until you find your feet again. This provides you with the option of scheduling out payments. This can help you with meeting regular payments if you decide that you could benefit from this form of payment plan.


Leasing is one option that usually requires a smaller up-front fee and smaller monthly payments as opposed to other financing options. This involves using the vehicle for a fixed period of time and paying for the duration in which you use it. Sometimes, leasing a car can be a better financial option for companies, rather than buying it outright. This is because, leasing allows you to save money where you need it, instead of having to pay a substantial sum of money up-front which might limit the potential growth of your business.

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