Drive As Far Away From The Jeep Wrangler As Possible

You would need to have the eyesight of Stevie Wonder to say the Jeep Wrangler isn’t a good-looking car. It is a car that oozes cool while also allowing you the freedom to drive just about anywhere you want to go. That said, we still wouldn’t buy one. Why? Simple. It is a car without absolutely zero frills. We mean that in no uncertain terms because even things that most people would call standard come as options on the Wrangle; things like the doors, carpets and even the rear seats.

Unfortunately, certain other necessities are also missing on the Wrangler, such as any form of comfort, any level of security and any consideration when it comes to safety. That’s right, your chances of walking away from a car wreck will have plummeted should you get yourself a Wrangler. So, if any of these things – comfort, security or safety – are on your list of must-haves then we recommend you consider another vehicle.

If the sheer style of this car is pulling on your heartstrings, however, leaving you sat on the shelf unsure of which way to fall, then we have pulled together a comprehensive list of reasons you should run a mile and buy something else.

  1. The acceleration is not there. It is as if Jeep forgot that the Wrangler required any kind of acceleration to occur when you put your foot on the accelerator, something you are going to notice whenever you hit a straight piece of road.
  2. There is no room to put anything. If you want to run away into the bush for a weekend of camping, then you are going to need to go with nothing but the clothes on your back and, if you want to go grocery shopping, you are going to have to take a taxi. There really is no room.
  3. Comfort will remain a distant memory, something you will look back on with fondness, the memory blurring like when you try and remember the face of a lost loved one. Instead, your life in this car will be made up of firm suspension, bumpy rides and a sore back.
  4. Your ears will be ringing for the rest of time because there is not a louder car on the market. The mix of wind screeching past, the road roaring below you, the engine screaming for no reason whatsoever and the tires making some gurgles that have never before been heard. Yeah, silence will be pined after but never found.
  5. For a biggish car, there is a real lack of space. Seriously. This is not a car you want if you have a family, or you want passengers to hop in the back seat. In fact, just trying to get into the back seats is a challenge so tough it could become an Olympic sport, while the front seats require a ladder and a large step to slip into.
  6. This is not a car that will become great friends with your wallet. No way. This thing guzzles gas like it is going out of fashion. The fuel efficiency is about as close to zero as a car can get.
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