Leasing Vs. Buying: Why Leasing Your Car Is A Better Bet

For Toronto drivers, the debate is long-existent and twofold: some argue that leasing is the better option, while others maintain that buying can have a few pros. Ultimately, though, the jury has always rested its verdict in remaining true to the original belief held by most – that leasing is always the better option, especially in the long run.

It’s the most economic option altogether,especially once you take into account those pesky hidden fees and upfront payments that go into buying a car.It’s an unfair trap that many buyers find themselves in, and it’s led many well-intention-ed people into debt – some car buyers are even pushed into bankruptcy, unable to continue making payments, losing thousands of dollars in the process and releasing both the car and its title deed back to the seller. In the end, this model only benefits the seller; you’re better off checking out a quality leasing dealership online like http://www.autoone.ca/ and asking for their help in finding the right vehicles and lease agreement.

1. The benefits of leasing a vehicle – why leasing a vehicle is preferable to buying or financing

First, monthly lease payments are almost always significantly lower than monthly loan or purchase payments. This is the case more than 93 percent of the time, and the fact has remained true for decades now: people want to pay what they can afford, and they want less upfront hardship to deal with. Those who opt to lease their car and make regular monthly payments don’t need to worry about draining their bank account with one swoop when they buy a car, and they especially don’t have to worry about long-term commitment or depreciation.

2. The importance of having representatives with skill, experience and a deep knowledge of automobiles

It is always preferable to get a professional’s perspective and opinion on the matter, especially when that professional or agency has the client’s best interests in mind. In addition, having a professional second opinion can prevent you from falling into numerous potential snares and pitfalls – most of which are hidden to the consumer. Do your research and seek out trained experts who are prepared to deal with all aspects of the lease deal, from term negotiations to depreciation, etc.

3. The benefits of having in-house administration

In-house administration is not option but an absolute must, especially in this hectic day and age. If you’re hoping to get the rate and deal you deserve, there should be no third party sources– such as factory finance companies or financial institutions – that you have to deal with. Again, do your research in advance and look to lease from a place that has in-house administration – your pockets will thank you.

 With the way that the current trend is headed, Toronto drivers are now choosing to lease more than ever before: it is quick, convenient, cost-effective and relatable to the many economic stresses of most Canadians. The many benefits of leasing well outweigh the brief and depreciating feeling of owning a car – after all, who wouldn’t want a new car every couple of years?

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