The Range Rover Velar – Is The Car That Turns Heads Worth The Hype?

A Range Rover is a car like no other. One of its latest models, the Range Rover Velar, certainly turns heads. It’s got the looks; it’s got the power and of course, the Range Rover name you can trust. A big car like this certainly makes a big impression, but is it worth the hype?

About the Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar is the manufacturer’s venture into the world of on-road cars, become a car for drivers as opposed to the off-road behemoths usually reserved for off-road driving. Promised as a car that delivers a ‘poised, confident and refined drive,’ it’s feature-packed to offer that unforgettable driving experience. The Velar is a tough car that offers safety and reliability, but if you want to avoid a semi truck accident, then caution must still be practised when driving. Its high price tag might put it out of the family car range, but it will certainly be a hit with those with a love of driving.


The Velar is a clean, distinctive car with striking door design and modern finish. As Range Rovers go, it isn’t as imposing as some models would be on the road, meaning it wouldn’t be out of place in a city centre environment. It’s a head-turner for sure, one which comes with plenty of customisable features to help you make it your own.

Inside the car, the Velar’s interior has been designed with simplicity and polish in mind – and the effect is certainly one that pays off. It’s a luxury interior that offers a comfortable drive, designed with relaxation in mind. The adjustable sears offer various options for storage, totalling 1731 litres of storage when converted to a two-seat car.


Range Rover’s Velar has an impressive performance, but compared to some of its rivals it may not be the highest achiever in its class. Achieving 0-100 kph in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 209 kph, it certainly doesn’t drive too poorly for an SUV. With a 60-litre capacity and low fuel emissions, it costs less to run than you might expect while helping to keep energy emissions low too. The acceleration is fast and smooth, while the All Wheel Drive (AWD) is something that will set the Velar apart from many similar spec cars. It’s combined features make for a dynamic car that will perform well under different conditions, as you’d expect from any Range Rover.

If you’re looking for a high-performance car that offers further benefits for the environment with regards to hybrid features, the good news for Range Rover fans is that plug-in Range Rover Sport models are being released by Range Rover soon.


A car that looks this good and drives so well holds out hope for some exciting gadgets on the inside. The good news is that the Velar doesn’t disappoint. The Velar features a dual touchscreen, allowing simultaneous control of both the media centre and the on-board controls. Many of the car’s interior controls are located on the steering wheel, making the car a safer drive when it comes to in-car calls and volume controls. In addition to the dual touchscreen, there’s also an interactive driver’s screen that will help you to control various functions without losing sight of the road.

Optional extras include back-seat entertainment in the headrests, which not only play digital media but can connect to various TV channels and streaming services. If preferred, the devices connect easily to tablets and smartphones to play content from your devices directly onto the screen. There are also options to interact with your Rover Velar via a smartwatch, or even enjoy various pursuits with the Activity Key, a device that means you won’t have to carry keys with you when you’re out of the vehicle.


As a key feature for any car today, the safety features of an SUV should be taken into consideration before you take the plunge. The Range Rover Velar comes with several highly-desirable safety features including Emergency Brake Assist and IsoFix points for improved child seat fitting. Meanwhile, the intriguing Sports Command Driving Position offers more engaged driving and better visibility to provide a safer ride and help the driver feel more in control when on the road.

For a car that boasts style and substance, the Range Rover Velar certainly packs a punch. If it’s an even bigger SUV you’re after however, why not keep an eye out for news of BMW’s latest flagship model which could be here to provide what could be a worthy rival to this fair contender from Range Rover.

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