Only Gear Heads Will Get This…

Gearheads, we are a rare breed. Not everyone has the metal to appreciate high-performance vehicles and understand them like we do. Not everyone has the tenacity to await all the latest updates on the release of that new model with bated breath. Not everyone understands the sheer joy of driving one of these beauties on the open road. But if you understand and appreciate the flow, then it’s pretty likely that you are a die-hard petrol head.


Being a high-performance car enthusiast isn’t exactly a low-cost hobby, and the car themselves certainly don’t come cheap. In fact, if you are used to making a decision between affording groceries that week and finally getting your hands on those spark plugs you wanted, then it’s like you know your Huracán Super Trofeo EVO from your Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Even if you buy pre-loved models from reputable dealers or private owners, and don’t get one straight off the production line, you can spend a fortune on tuning them up to maximize their speed and output. This is because the parts needed for such rare beasts are tough to get. With many are specialized and limited so finding everything you need for a decent price is often as about as likely as a getting that needle in the proverbial haystack. Although I haven’t found one petrol head that didn’t think it was worth yet, have you?


If you are used to having people criticize your driving and telling you how irresponsible it is to go fast, even though your car can do double what it’s going at, you are probably a one of the clan as well.

Alternatively, if you drive your sensible family estate like you’re going around the circuit at Daytona, you may also be a petrol head. Although that doesn’t mean you encourage recklessly or unnecessarily fast driving, as you are aware that these are some of the leading causes accidents. Something that no one wants to be involved in.

Luckily, if the worst happens and you do have a prang, there are some fantastic professionals out there like the folks at that can investigate your case and determine who was to claim. Getting you the compensation you deserve no matter what car you are driving at the time.


Something else that marks you as a petrol head is if you often bemoan the lack of places that you can really open up your car to full speed, and drive safely.

Yes, you know about the few specialized tracks in your area that you can use and the legendary on-road locations like the autobahns in Germany. Sadly though, for the most part, you will never get to experience the top speed of that your treasured vehicle is capable of.

Message boards

Lastly, if you spend an inordinate amount of time on online message boards discussing the keenly awaited launch of the new model. The finer points of engine torque, or whether the Porsche or Subaru would win in a race, then you are probably a high-performance vehicle lover, and truly that is no bad thing. As there is a whole community of us out there, that wouldn’t want you to be any other way!

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