Here’s A Bite Of The New Ford F-150 Raptor

Upon its initial release, the first Ford Raptor proved a formidable beast. It was the ultimate off-road machine, capable of tackling all terrains and gliding over bumps. By ‘bumps’, we mean literally a 90 foot jump as one driver attempted.

Ford announced that it would be following up this car with an upgraded, even more monstrous version. We now know that it will be released in 2018, with a price tag of $65,000 attached.

Is this hefty vehicle worth such a hefty amount? Well, yes. Not only have they upped the horsepower to ludicrous levels (450 hp), they’ve also given the car the acceleration of a Subaru WRX. And if that wasn’t enough, Ford have also decided to improve upon the ride comfort. Before, you could hardly feel a bump. Now it makes a rocky ride across a desert feel virtually like cruising along a highway.

The car is also set to be a quieter. It’s suspension absorbs the rumbles, so the only noise you’ve really got is the satisfying roar of the engine, and that’s only noticeable when really giving the gas some welly.

Could you own a Raptor?

The Raptor has some glaring weaknesses. It’s a wide vehicle and you’d be brave to try and drive it in an urban setting. On top of this it’s not made for those seeking fuel economy. You’re best off taking a jerry can with you at all times.

The manufacturers know all this and asking them to make improvements in these areas is about as futile as asking Pagani Zonda to make their cars more subtle. You don’t buy a Raptor for fitting in tight parking spaces or fuel economy.

The Raptor is designed for those wanting a taste of luxury in the wilderness. It’s the kind of vehicle you want to get muddy – but at the same time, the kind of vehicle you want to keep clean on the road to make an impression. In fact we recommend you read this page if you’re planning on owning a Raptor and keeping it shiny. Being a luxury vehicle, buying a few luxury accessories to maintain it could be worthwhile.

Ford are putting in a 360-degree camera system into 2018’s Raptor which is thought to make it easier for making tight manoeuvres, eliminating the concept of a ‘blind spot’. You’ve also got luxuries like heated leather seats and adaptive cruise control. These are just a few more reasons why it’s got such a high price tag. Your average pickup fan may not be able to afford it. It’s not quite as expensive as some Chevvies – but otherwise it’s definitely one of the more pricey trucks on the market.

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