CarZar: The Best Price The Market Can Offer For A Car

At Zero2Turbo we torque our reviews on all things high performance, and on that note, did we mention that we’ve come across an online car buying service who’s turbo’ing their way into disrupting South Africa’s second-hand car market?

Just as every origin needs a superhero with a special exotic supercar, has become every South African car seller’s superhero.

Private car sales and car trade-ins are now a thing of the past!

Gone are the days of car valuations at trade-ins being performed by inspectors whose only aim is to haggle out an offer as little as possible. CarZar has also buried the hassle of unreliable pricing, scams and the safety risk of meeting strangers, and unfair haggling during private car sales.

Now, customers can enjoy a safe, transparent and obligation-free car evaluation from a certified third-party assessor – all at no extra cost!

Who is CarZar?

CarZar is one of South Africa’s best priced online car buying service, available in the Western Cape and Gauteng, empowering consumers to sell their car seamlessly. Whether you’re looking to flog your car that’s still under finance or looking to sell your car to get an exotic sports car – or mild upgrade – you can calculate your vehicle finance repayments or car affordability.

What’s next you say?

  1. Visit, select your car details and a unique algorithm will generate a quote based on the current market trends of your car.
  2. Book an obligation-free inspection at one of their DEKRA or Kwikfit inspection locations or at your preferred location.
  3. Happy with your final cash offer? Accept and they’ll make an instant payment straight into your bank account, and they’ll do all the admin for you!

You’re probably thinking “So, what’s all the fuss about? What makes CarZar’s services any more different to other car buying services?”

Why CarZar?
CarZar does not only ensure safety and convenience, but you’re guaranteed transparency, reliable pricing and a seamless process with these guys. If you want to know what really makes them unique to their competitors – they close all the gaps of a car selling process:

  • 100% obligation-free car buying services
  • They contact DEKRA – the largest independent vehicle inspection service in South Africa – and partnered with them to offer an independent third-party car inspection.
  • You therefore also get a free roadworthy check.
  • If you’re unhappy with their offer, they’ll advertise your vehicle to their nationwide network of dealers to allow you to receive the best price the market is willing to pay.

Wow! Now how’s that for a real life superhero experience for second-hand car sellers?

Get the best price the market can offer for your second-hand car without any haggle or hassle!

For more information, visit, send CarZar an email to or contact them on 087 470 0436, or you can check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter, @CarZarDotCoZa.

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