Knowing Your Rights if You Get Stopped By the Cops

Seeing that red and blue in your mirror as your driving along is never a positive sign. It could be that you were unknowingly speeding, or a broken tail-light, or it could even be as absurd as this New Jersey town that has begun charging non-residents driving through to prevent traffic.

Of course, there are different laws for different countries and so what is true in Italy may not be true in the UK. However, there are typically universal laws that will apply to everyone, no matter where in the world you might be.


We’ve all seen the sometimes comical cop shows where warrants are demanded for every single thing if someone is under suspicion. Considering the car is your property, then a warrant is required should they want to have a look around.

Some police will bypass this warrant under the guise of ‘saving time’. If you have nothing to hide then you may not mind, but be wary, as this can be used against you should they find something you believe innocent, but the officer has a different idea. You have the right to reject a search request, should you want to, but this may arouse further suspicion, even if you have nothing to hide.


Of course, you shouldn’t be drinking and driving, but we’ve all been guilty of having a single beer before heading off home after work. Typically, this is fine so long as you remain under the limit and are not impaired in any way. However, if you feel a little bit wavy, then this will show in your driving, and the police will have a right to stop you.

If you are unsure about the best ways to approach a potential breathalyzer, then reading this advice from a DUI Lawyer Naples who explains the legality and requirements when faced with a breathalyser test. Understanding is the best course of action depending on your circumstances will save both you and the officer time, but you don’t have to take the test then and there.


Even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, the police are (unlikely) to stop you for no reason. In cases where you are pulled over it is advised not to give the police any excuse that could land you with a charge, no matter how significant that charge may be.

Remember to keep your voice at a calm level, keep your hands where they can see them and indicate verbally what you intend to do should they ask for your license or anything else. Getting stopped by the police, even if you are innocent, can be stressful anybody, and this stress can be infectious and lead to further problems if you do not approach the procedure in an adequate and respectful manner.


Hopefully, you will have done nothing wrong, and it may just be a routine traffic check. Either way, knowing your rights when stopped can mean the difference between you going on your way or being detained for any number of reasons. If you do get stopped, though, understanding what you should and shouldn’t do is essential to getting on your way hassle-free. As long as you are compliant and understand what is allowed, then you should be up and running in no time.

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