Wrecking Yards – All One Needs To Be Aware About

The concept of selling your car to a junk yard is something all of you would heard? Now you need to understand on how the process works. What is the utility you are going to derive when a car is wrecked and the answer has to be recycled materials. With the help of recycled materials it does prevent accumulation of unwanted materials in the land fills.

Definition of a wrecking yard?

A wrecking yard is a place where all car materials are being salvaged. It is a process associated with the stripping or removal unwanted parts of the car.

Is there any form of regulation associated with a wrecking yard?

A wrecking yard has to deal with a lot of hazardous materials. In fact they need to comply with a set of regulations that is operated by the local and the state government. Though wrecking regulations tend to vary by locality, they would need to adhere to certain common standards. The main utility of a wrecking yard is to eradicate harmful emissions and go on to dispose the various parts of the car in a safe and secure manner.

The mode of working of a wrecking yard

Several procedures are involved in the wrecking or auto salvage process. Let us get to the step in details

  • Drain fluids- it is stated that you should not dump fluids of the car. They need to be removed in a safe manner from the car so that they do not pass on to the environment. There are certain fluids that can be used, whereas others cannot be reused. In this manner they are cleared with regards to debris.
  • Remove parts- a majority of the car parts could be junk. But there is a strong possibility that some spare parts could be remodelled and then sold. These components could be sold long before you send the car for refurbishing. These parts are then taken through a process of re modelling. In turn they are sold over to the customers who are on the lookout to save money on spare parts
  • Recycle parts-there are some car parts that could be removed and re processed before it is send for recycling. One of the examples that comes to the mind is a dead battery which is loaded with a harmful substance known as lead. The lead is taken from the old batteries and it is being used to make new ones. It is also stated that car tyres are being used for the car wrecking process.
  • The car is being crushed- this process tends to come where all the fluids along with the parts are removed and the recycled. At this point of time a crusher is known to flatten the car. Once you do flatten it then it could be shredded to pieces where with the help of specialized magnets are then used to separate the wheel.

To conclude, if you have an old car it does make it sensible to take it to a junk yard near you.

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