A Guide For Buying A Used Sports Car

Are you at a point in your life when you feel like you deserve to sit behind the wheel of something a little more special? Then have a quick browse through this guide to ensure sure you make an informed decision on buying a second hand sports car.

Used sports cars are not quite the number-one-choice for someone on the look-out for a good, dependable vehicle. Usually, when in the market for a sports car, most people tend to look for new ones, for reasons that are pretty much self-explanatory: warranty, the novelty of the model, trust and the better technology derived from buying something newer.

This does not mean this keeps people away from the used lot because the price tag is very enticing if you have the bang-for-your-buck approach.

When it comes to buying a used sports car, the primary item we’d consider differently from a normal car is track use. Look for signs of unusual wear on the tyres, premature suspension wear and track-ready modifications such as a tow hook mounted on the outside, lightweight wheels, slick tyres and a rear wing.

Modifications are very important to look out for because they can have disastrous consequences on the sports car. Modifications are generally done by owners to improve the performance and handling and then attempt to return the car to factory form before selling. Some of these modifications may have already impacted the car’s long-term reliability; more power may be too much stress on an engine, for example, while handling improvements may result in suspension and/or bearing problems down the line.

If we were the ones in the buying seat, we would make sure the car has not been in an accident by getting a free vin check done and send it for a very thorough mechanical inspection. The mechanic will very quickly see if it has received repair work and if any modifications were installed and removed.

Be sure to take the car to a specialist in the particular make because they are more familiar with the unique cars they normally work on. They’re more likely to spot mechanical issues, modifications, signs of accident history and previous track use.


If you’re buying a used sports car, proceed with caution. Sports cars are often owned by car enthusiasts, which means that they may be taken care of better than a normal car. But car enthusiasts are also more likely to modify their cars and drive them hard. Follow our tips, and you should have no trouble buying an excellent used sports car that won’t give you too many troubles down the line.

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