International Car Shipping Tips

There are few things that top the exhilaration of finally being able to buy your first new car. However, it is also a process filled with anxiety, particularly for those that want their cars shipped from overseas and have not done it before. As with all things, the best way to combat this anxiety is to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can. This article discusses tips on how to make the shipping of your car easier.

Get a reliable dealer

Contract a reputable and reliable car shipping company. Make sure the company is legit, registered and has insurance covers in case of loss of your car. Some companies may deliver cars that are not worth the amount of money you invest in your car so it is important that you choose a company that gives value for your money. For first timers, international car shipping is considered a risky business but it is worth it. Do a thorough search of companies and do it early enough before settling for a shipping company and you will have nothing to worry about.

Know what you want

Before settling for a car, it is important to do a good research to know how legit the company is. Don’t begin your search in the dealership; you should have done hours of research on various models within your budget, including getting user and expert reviews online. Compare features and costs. You can even call in to multiple dealerships – most have online sales lines – and get a feel about pricing to increase your negotiation power.

Schedule ahead

Make arrangements that your car be dropped off in advance of your estimated departure date. This will depend on your exact destination. You may need to pick up your car from the shipping terminals so it is important to plan ahead. Also, plan your time. Let the dealers tell you the estimated time that they will deliver your car, bearing in mind that there is time needed to pass through multiple ports for customs procedures.

Plan on finances

One common mistake car buyers make is to go car shopping without organizing for financing. It is always better to find your own financing, as you’ll have stronger negotiating power with a pre-approval once you start shopping. Dealerships may woo you with low interest rates and other incentives, but you’ll find that these offers only apply to certain buyers. In addition, pre-approval on other financing can help you get the dealership to match or better their financing offer, all for your benefit.

Shipping a car is a lot of work and it needs proper planning and having all the information you need at your fingertips. It may be cheaper to ship a car than buy an already shipped one, but you will need to be vigilant when doing it. Shipping has a lot of con business and you need to take precautions before businesses. The good thing is that you get the quality of a car you need since there is variation of them overseas and most of them are affordable unlike the ones you find locally at exaggerated prices.

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