2018 Ford Kuga Review

Throughout decades of planning and building some of the most reliable motors in the world, Ford has entered 2018 as it means to go on, and in many ways, has unleashed its true colours. For many years now, the Kuga has been dubbed amongst the best SUVs on the market to this day, and although the original has given Ford lovers plenty to boast about, the all-new 2018 model of the Kuga is ready to take the world by storm.

What is the Kuga?

Like many other popular Ford motors, the Kuga is amongst the most reputable SUVs on the current market, but now that the company has made some drastic changes, the world has been introduced to a reinvented version of the Kuga. Despite the critics and the many people who would argue that the Ford Kuga is not all that it seems, the company has stood its ground and right before the car made its way to the grave, put its foot in the door and slammed a brand-new, refreshed version of the beloved Kuga SUV. You might just have to admit that the new Kuga is amongst the UK’s firm favourites, at least until the next facelift anyway.

What’s it Like on the Inside?

Even though the haters say that there’s not much about Ford that separates it from the other automakers of the same level of success, there’s just something very distinctive about the company that makes it stand out from others in the same league. To prove its capability of maintaining its good reputation, this time around, Ford admits that what the Kuga loses on the outside, it gains in both space and value. So, that sums up what’s going on inside the cabin then; the boot features at least 200 litres of more room than before and the rear seats recline to allow occupants a more relaxed posture throughout any journey. Meanwhile, the dash upfront is smarter but while Ford has tried to simplify it this time around, there are plenty of buttons hanging around still.

Driving Experience

While the inside of the new Kuga is reassuringly pretty and dandy, what matters the most is the driving experience and how the motor gets around. Unlike the first version of the Kuga SUV, this time Ford has given the car three petrol and three diesel engines too, making it one powerful motor for sure! Although the power comes from all those engines and it can all get overwhelming, it can spread over two or four wheels via manual or dual-clutch boxes. On the same note, the safety features have also been improved by Ford, most of which comes as a standard on higher spec models.


Granted, Ford is amongst the best and most successful automakers in the UK, and for anyone looking to buy a reliable, cheap motor that can get them from place to place with very few problems, this is the brand for you. However, it very much depends on how much space and practicality you need, and while you may think that you need a lot of space, you may find that the new Kuga is just too spacious and not the most fitting for you. In which case, you may find it better (and cheaper) to opt for a second-hand Ford Kuga – the older version!

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