In a Jam? Here’s How You Sell Your Car for Cash Fast

You’re dealing with a financial emergency and it doesn’t look like you have many options available to get out of it. You have a tight budget with very little savings and you don’t have a good credit score, meaning you can’t borrow the money from a lender. If you do nothing, things will only get worse, but you’re not quite sure what else you can do. Believe it not, there are a few ways you could get your hands on some quick cash, but many of them are time-consuming or require you to dig further into debt.

One surefire solution to getting your hands on some cash would be to sell your car. If you have an old car that you’ve been looking to get rid of, there are interested parties that will take it off your hands in exchange for cash. Here are a few ways to sell your car for the money.

Go to a Dealership

Dealerships are always looking to make a quick buck and may be willing to pay you for your car. If you have a used car, that’s in decent condition and in high demand, you can offer it to the dealer at a good price. Keep in mind, the car has to be in mint condition and you’ll probably take a significant cut in the offer. As the dealers will need to turn a profit, they can’t offer you top dollar.

Find a Junk Car Buyer

If your car isn’t in the best condition, but you still need some quick cash for it, you can locate a junk car buyer. Companies like Car Sold for Cash offer top dollar for vehicles in all types of conditions. All you have to do is locate a buyer, set up an inspection, and get an appraisal. If you like the amount they’re quoting you, you get the cash and they take the car off your hands.


Have you ever driven by an auto garage and seen vehicles marked for sale out front? Lots of mechanics repair cars and resell them to interested parties. If your car doesn’t have a lot of mechanical damage and can turn a profit once spruced up, a mechanic may just be willing to buy the car from you. If for nothing else, they may be able to use the parts from the car in another client’s car and save money on parts.

Sell It In Pieces

The last option would be to break your car down and sell it in parts. You can try hawking parts to local junkyards or auto shops. This method would obviously require a bit more time but could earn you more cash than selling the car as a whole if it is a clunker. Once you’re done stripping it for parts, you can sell the scrap metal for a few extra bucks.

Car Selling Tips

Now you have a few quick methods to try and get cash for your car. Before trying any of these avenues, you may want to take notes on these pointers below:

Price the car right – pricing a used car can be tricky, but do some online research to see what your car is worth. Then, consider any problems that will need to be fixed. Lastly, try to price it a bit above what you’d really like to receive so if there is a negotiation, you get an amount closer to what you actually wanted.

Be willing to negotiate on the price – when trying to get cash for your car fast, you don’t have the luxury of time to be picky. This is also true if the car is really a piece of junk. Therefore, if you get an interested party who wants to pay less than the asking price, it may be best to negotiate than turn the deal down.

Highlight the positives on the vehicle – When trying to sell your car for cash to a dealership or mechanic, you’ll want to show them why they need your car. If you’ve recently had repairs or upgrades done, highlight this when talking to try and get a sell.

Selling your car could still take you a few days, but these methods are proven to be a lot faster than trying to advertise online and wait for interested private buyers. Remember, the key to getting the cash fast is to price it well, be willing to negotiate, and to highlight features that would interest the buyer. If you follow this advice, you should have no problem in getting your car sold for cash fast.

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