Watch Trevor Noah Drive Jay Leno In A Lamborghini Aventador S

We all know that Jay Leno is a huge petrolhead and with Trevor Noah being a smashing success over on the Daily Show, they teamed up for a drive in a blue Raging Bull.

This particular bull is the Lamborghini Aventador S which means it packs their legendary V12 engine pushing out 690 hp (510 kW) and 690 Nm of torque allowing it to hit 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

Now obviously Mr. Noah did not put the Italian supercar through all of its paces, but he did have a bit of fun and made the car sing a decent symphony.

Trevor did also mention that petrol does run in his family with his step dad being the owner of a garage and he helped out “fixing the cars and servicing the cars”.

“Oh this is way better than the Daily Show”

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