The Most Expensive and Luxurious Utes In The World

Having a vehicle, regardless if it’s used for personal or commercial purposes, provides a long list of benefits. A vehicle can provide convenience since you can go wherever, whenever. It can also improve personal mobility and independence, and become a solution to public transport deficiency. For some, a vehicle can also be used as a tool to showcase their hobby or personality. And out of all the types of vehicles sold in the market, utes are one of the most preferred choices by many. Aside from the common benefits mentioned, utes are utility vehicles which means that you can do more with it. Utes are more spacious than common vehicles, and with its cab at the back, you’ll have extra space for storage or for additional passengers. Utes also have powerful engines which makes your ride safe while carrying heavy objects.

Nowadays, there are many models of utes. You can buy one which has bigger engines, more storage space and towing and hauling capabilities. Regardless of what you’re looking for in utes, you’ll be able to find one for your needs. And from these variables, you can find the most expensive and luxurious utes around the world. To give you an idea what these utes are, consider the list below:

1) Ford Ranger Wildtrak: Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’d know how durable the utes from Ford are. Ford Ranger Wildtrak is considered as the best of the best from Ranger’s line-up. This model has real presence and is very comfortable and easy to drive. The Ford Ranger Wildtrak boasts of standard and advanced features namely voice command capability, tire pressure monitoring system, rear box illumination and dual color instrumentation screens. The interiors of this vehicle also scream class and style at the same time. It has leather, soft-touch materials and hand-stitched details in its surfaces. It’s cabin also provides comfort and storage.

Price Range: $51,490 to $68,490

2) VW Amarok V6 Ultimate: Many people think that utes are bulky vehicles which don’t have any aesthetic value. The VW Amarok V6 Ultimate is a ute which can prove you wrong. The Amarok is a ute which offers the complete package – it’s nice to drive, looks good and extremely comfortable for the driver and passengers. This ute’s tray has a 12-volt socket, a brake light, and load space lightning. In a nutshell, the Amarok is a classy, comfortable and functional ute, which makes this as a very appealing unit for anyone.

Price Range: $55800 to $79490

3) Ram Laramie 2500: If you’re looking for a ute which shows class and requires respect, the Ram Laramie 2500 is for you. The hardcore towing power of this vehicle is one of its highlights. It has an exhaust brake, auto box and drive train which is designed to effortlessly satisfy any of your heavy-duty towing needs. When you drive using this ute, expect that you’ll cruise in ultimate style. The Ram Laramie 2500 has six comfortable seats which are coated with leather. You’ll also enjoy a heated steering wheel, adjustable pedals, and camera designed to monitor the load in the ute tray.

Price Range: $37,790 to $63,040

4) Nissan Navara ST-X: There are many reasons why this ute should be considered as one of the best. This vehicle has a lot of interior features which you can never find in other models. For starters, the Nissan Navara ST-X has luxurious features namely heated front seats which are designed by leather, leather-accented handbrake, power door mirrors which are heated, adjustable driver’s seat with eight power options, chrome highlights on the exterior and load-securing system in the tray. It’s very comfortable inside especially if you’re planning to use this vehicle during long trips. It also has safety features such as reversing camera and sensors and electronic stability controls.

Price Range: $23720 to $58990

Splurge If You Can

Utes are versatile vehicles which can be used for a lot of purposes. You can use utes for recreation and even as an all-terrain vehicle. You can carry a lot of equipment using utes without compromising the comfort and safety of your passengers. If you’re thinking of buying a ute anytime soon and you have the budget to buy luxurious models, this article might come in handy for you. You’ll be able to narrow down your list so you’ll end up buying a ute which is suitable for your budget and needs.

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