3 Reasons Why Using Ignition Interlock Device Is Important

Driving drunk puts the driver, the passengers, and anyone in the car and on the road in danger. In order to make sure that no one drives your car while drunk, you can install an ignition interlock. If you have an ignition interlock already installed in your car, the driver will have to take a breath test before the vehicle ignites. If the breath test fails, the car won’t ignite. If you are yet to install an ignition interlock in your car, you may wonder why you would need one.

Below, we have 3 reasons why you should install an ignition interlock in your car:

1)To Make Sure You Never Try to Drive While Intoxicated

After drinking alcohol, no one thinks clearly. While you may tell yourself that you won’t drive after drinking, you may end up behind the wheel after taking alcohol. This could cause an accident that could force you to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair. You could also lose your life or you could kill someone else. To ensure that none of this happens, you can install an ignition interlock device in your car. The device will deny you the ability to ignite your car after taking alcohol.

2) Protect Teenage Drivers

Maybe you do not drink. However, you have teenagers who drive in your home. Teenagers are all about experimenting and partying. You never know when they will take the car, attend a party, and then try to drive back home while drunk.

Young drivers are already inexperienced. Driving under the influence of alcohol will put them at a higher risk of causing an accident. To make sure that your kids do not drive while intoxicated, you will need to install an ignition interlock device. While this can force them to spend their night where they had been drinking, it will keep them from dying, killing someone, or becoming disabled for life.

3) To Make Sure Your Employees Do Not Drink While Working

If you are an employer, you would want your employees to be sober on the job. If the workers do drive company cars, you would want to ensure that you won’t have to incur any losses resulting from their drunk driving. If you tell your employees to not drink and drive, they will nod their heads and say yes. However, once they are out of your sight, there is no guarantee that they will actually avoid alcohol while driving. If you install a voluntary ignition interlock, you will force them to avoid drinking.

An Ignition Interlock Device is Extremely Important

If you are yet to install an ignition interlock in your car, you should consider installing one. If you do drink, the ignition interlock will help ensure that you do not get involved in an accident caused by drunk driving. If you have teenage drivers in your home, the ignition interlock will help you ensure that drunk driving does not take their lives or take away their ability to walk without a wheelchair. While having to take a breath test before starting your car can appear to be a hassle, it is worth it. Its benefits make taking the breath test worth your time.

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