Excell Racing Twin-Turbo Ferrari F12berlinetta

The Ferrari F12berlinetta is an astonishing Maranello creation thanks to it’s naturally aspirated V12 powerplant but the crew from Excell Racing have gone and added boost.

Having seen the engine bay of a F12berlinetta personally we are struggling to understand where they found space for two ball bearing turbos. The new exhaust is hand fabricated to mount the turbos just ahead of the flywheel, and they are lubricated by an improved dry-sump system.

A new 11-litre oil tank is plumbed to the engine using Teflon Mil-Spec hoses and fittings. One of the sleekest details is having the wastegates dump behind the front tyres.

Excell Racing XR 1500 will also have intercoolers on each side, a larger radiator, and dual oil coolers. Their target is 1,500 hp at the crank, so new clutches and forged billet axles are included. Each car will be tuned on their dyno and on the street to achieve a perfect air/fuel ratio. This car is in its final development stages, and it could potentially support 2,500 horsepower thanks to its modular construction.

This sounds absolutely wild and cannot wait to see some footage of a twin-turbo Ferrar F12berlinetta.

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