McLaren MSO Reveals ‘Racing Through the Ages’ Collection

McLaren Beverly Hills is on track to become this year’s highest performing retailer in the world for MSO and this new collection of cars from the division dubbed ‘Racing Through The Ages’ will probably clinch them top spot.

Each theme is represented by both a 570S Coupe and a 570S Spider, making this collection six-cars deep with all six cars receiving a special MSO designed, dealer-fit rear wing and a GT4 racing stripe on the exterior hood and roof.

They are also spec’d with the MSO Defined Black Pack, gloss black 10-spoke super-lightweight forged wheels and the must-have MSO Defined Titanium Supersports exhaust system.

There are three themes; Muriwai, Papaya Spark and Sarthe Grey. Inside the GT4 stripe is integrated into the backrest of the seat and the MSO logo is stitched into the headrest, to go with the McLaren Orange 12 o’clock mark on the steering wheel.


This theme takes inspiration from the white (blue) waves crashing on the Muriwai Beach in New Zealand. This is where Bruce McLaren competed in his very first race at just 15 years old. He also went on to name his house Muriwai which he built in Woking.

The car sports a Muriwai White paint job with McLaren Orange ‘Speedy Kiwi’ logo on the fixed rear wing endplates.

Papaya Spark

This takes inspiration from the colour Bruce McLaren chose for his cars back in the 60’s and 70’s. 

Here, the fixed wing features a Burton Blue finish with Papaya Spark endplates, thus honoring the iconic blue spoiler used on the automaker’s original race cars.

Sarthe Grey

This inspiration comes from McLaren’s dominant 1995 Le Mans victory, where the F1 GTR took first, third, fourth, fifth and thirteenth place. These 570S Coupe and Spider models are finished in MSO Defined Sarthe Grey, emulating the color of the F1 GTR.

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