The Green Way to Commute: 6 Reasons Why Electric Cars Are Becoming Ever More Popular

Electric vehicles are becoming popular, and you are definitely not alone in thinking whether or not this kind of vehicle is ideal for you. As the technology surrounding the invention of electric batteries and cars continue improving, drawbacks such as limited range, high costs, long charge time, issues of performance, and the shortage of charging stations continue to fade. Automotive giants are now voicing their commitment to the production of electric cars in the future to come, and even companies producing some of the luxurious automobile models are now offering options that are more affordable to the buyer. This, in turn, has helped to change public perception of the EVs (electric cars) as something that can only be owned by the rich. If you are still wondering why the electric cars are becoming more popular, then here’s why:

1.   More People Now Purchase EVs

In 2008, the electric car was launched in the United States for the mass market, but these vehicles are not common in this region only as they have had a global effect. According to the prediction of industry experts, the number of EVs available globally will be more than 2 million by 2016, resulting in the proclamation of the increase in the electric car revolution. As is the case with any other invention, it often takes some few early-adopters before anything can begin to catch on. By 2040, it is estimated that electric vehicles will account for about thirty-five percent of all automobile sales in the entire globe.

2.   Electric Cars Save Money

Irrespective of where you are, the electric cars are relatively affordable and cheaper to fuel as opposed to vehicles that are powered by gasoline.  In the United States, for instance, every electricity providers in the country’s largest cities offer rate plan which makes the electricity filling cheaper as opposed to gasoline. As a result, this adds up to a median annual savings of more than $770.

Apart from that, the EVs can also reduce spending on maintenance. Electric car batteries have no gasoline engine, they don’t require spark plugs, oil changes, or timing belts. Moreover, as opposed to the gasoline motors, motors of electric cars do not require routine maintenance. The reduced costs of maintenance can save electric car owners more than $1000 over the vehicle’s life as opposed to a vehicle that is powered by gasoline.

3.   Low Maintenance

With only a few moving parts, there aren’t many components to break or fix when it comes to EVs. This will end up saving you so much time and resources: no more car rentals while your vehicle is being serviced and no more failed transmissions. You may still have the brakes to repair, although these may last longer compared to those used in a gas-powered automobiles. Your greatest problem may be changing the battery, but a good number of vehicle models usually come with an eight-year/100K mile warranty, guaranteeing you some longevity when it comes to their usage. Electric vehicle batteries can last up to fifteen years in a conducive environment, and irrespective of how you want to view it, this is quite a good value.

4.   Cut Emissions

Even when the electric power used in fueling an electric car is derived from a dirty coal-dominated grid, these vehicles still emit less pollution as compared to their conventional counterparts. The emission performance of an electric vehicle today is such that it improves as solar and wind power displace the coal-fired electricity. Today, most owners of EVs are resolving to pair their vehicles with the rooftop solar panels as well as energy storage units used in their homes. When exclusively powered by alternative sources of energy, an electric car can function effectively with little or no emissions.

5.   Convenience

Instead of going around looking for gas stations with lower prices, you can charge at the comfort of your home at a cheaper and predictable cost. Home charging usually takes less time and what’s more, you’ll wake up to a tank that is full every morning. Electric vehicles also offer other convenient advantages that make them more preferable as opposed to the gasoline-powered automobiles. Mechanically, the electric cars are simpler to operate as opposed to the conventional gasoline cars. As a result, you are less likely to experience unnecessary breakdowns when traveling. That way, you are assured of arriving at your destination on time without unnecessary delays on the road. Apart from that, as the owner of an electric car, you don’t have to change the oil of your motor every time and you don’t have to schedule for replacement of spark plugs or engine tune-up items. As mentioned, these kinds of downtime can greatly affect your daily operations and if you are running a business, then you understand the impact a vehicle breakdown could have on your bottom line. In addition, depending on where you are located, electric vehicles offer additional benefits such as reduced or free-toll and special parking spots.

6.   Cut the Use of Oil

The ability of electric vehicles to cut the use of oil is what makes them popular than before. Using gasoline usually results in a number of problems, and transportation depends heavily in oil as the primary source of energy. However, the electric vehicle offers a potential to eliminate the status quo association between gasoline and transportation. Overall, by 2035, the use of EVs can reduce the utilization of oil by approximately 1.5 million barrels each day.

Wrap Up

Although the reasons why people buy electric cars vary, there’s no doubt that these vehicles offer great convenience compared to vehicles that run on gas. Given their great benefits, there is no denying that the popularity of these vehicles continues to increase. As more and more EVs continue to be produced, it will be imperative that municipalities and businesses keep up with the demand by providing convenient electric car charging stations. As a business owner, it will also be beneficial to have a few electric vehicles with you to help and save cost as well as enhance the bottom line of your business.

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