Watch The New Mercedes-AMG A45 Drifting Like Crazy

Christmas is around the corner which means manufacturers loading us with content for the occasion and it seems the crazy folk at Mercedes-AMG are using it to tease the unreleased A45 and it’s serious drifting capabilities.

Billed as “not another Christmas video,” the holiday themed clip begins with traditional Christmas music but quickly transitions into something else entirely as it shows the high-performance hatchback hitting the track.

Dressed in colorful camouflage, the Mercedes-AMG A45 follows in the footsteps of A35 but features a more aggressive exterior with a panamericana grille and a four-tailpipe exhaust system. The model also appears to have unique alloy wheels and the same rear wing as the A35.

Although the teaser video does not show too much regarding the final design, you get your first look at just how happy it is to go drifting which confirms it will come with a ‘drift mode’ of sorts.

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