Mugen RC20GT Is A Dramatic Take On The Honda Civic Type R

Honda‘s tuning division Mugen chose the Tokyo Auto Salon to showcase their newest body kit for the FK8 Civic Type R and as you can see it is seriously dramatic.

It is called the Civic Type R Mugen RC20GT upgrade package and it combines an outrageous body kit and performance focused modifications designed to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics. The new rear wing, side skirts and bumpers, with added dive planes, fins and a diffuser, are all made of carbon fibre. While the re-designed front bumper and large single-frame grille make for a front-end slightly resembling that of an Audi.

There are some new vents on the bonnet and wheel arches and it rides on a set of 20″ lightweight aluminium wheels. The triple-exit exhaust we have all come to know has been ditched for a single-exit titanium one which does not look out of place nestled in the ridiculous diffuser.

Improved engine cooling has been achieved thanks to new oil cooler and high flow air intake systems. Upgraded Brembo brakes, new adjustable suspension, a new steering wheel, bucket seats and four-point harnesses all help make the RC20GT feel like “the ultimate Type R”, according to Mugen. 

This being a pre-production model, Mugen is yet to announce a price for the kit which is still in need of some fine tuning before being fitted to your Civic Type R.

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