Revozport Reveal One-Off LaFerrari Body Kit

We are back and so are Revozport with a very special and unique body kit for the hybrid hypercar known as the Ferrari LaFerrari.

The tuner developed the aero kit as a one-off project for a special client from the Middle East who wanted his LaFerrari to stand out from all the others. Safe to say this is mission accomplished with the LaFerrari Revoluzion.

Quite surprisingly, the new carbon parts are more than just for show as RevoZport mentions these serve a functional purpose – boosting the LaFerrari’s aero by increasing downforce and reducing drag. In addition, the naturally aspirated 6.3-litre V12 powerhouse now enjoys better cooling thanks to the bigger intakes.

The racy appearance is enhanced by the massive rear wing, but the louvers covering the rear glass also change the aesthetics very drastically. It does not look quite as angry as the FXXK (Evo) but then again you can drive this on the road.

Does this kit stand out for you for the right reasons or is it a swing and a miss from the team at Revozport?

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