A Wrecked Lamborghini Urus Is For Sale For R1.7 Million

The Lamborghini Urus hasn’t been with us for very long, but it seems that it doesn’t take very long for the owner of a newly released performance car to run out of talent fairly soon after they’ve bought it.

On the salvaging website of Copart, a newly wrecked Lamborghini Urus from Texas can be seen for sale. How much is it I hear you ask? Well, this Urus with missing front-end and all could be yours for the price of $130 000 (approx. R1.7 million). This is a bid, so the sky is technically the limit for how much it could go for.

Considering the base price of the Urus is at R3.5 million in South Africa, this isn’t too bad of a deal, although the damage is quite extensive. You’ll find smashed windscreen, airbags that have been deployed and some obvious engine and most likely front-suspension damage as well.  

This will all add up to quite an expensive repair bill, but if you are a tuning company looking to experiment on the Urus, then this a great opportunity to snatch a bargain. If not, we’re sure the rear half of the car will make for a lovely addition to the man cave.


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