Secrets To Finding The Right Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Over speeding, reckless and drunk driving is a major cause of accidents. In case you get injured in an auto accident, it is critical to get compensated for the injuries. You need a lawyer despite the scope of the injury because insurance companies will try hard not to give you adequate compensation. Therefore, if you or your loved one are involved in a car accident, you need legal representation. Finding the right Atlanta car accident lawyer is not a walk in the park.

Tips For Hiring An Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

1. Do your homework

It is critical to explore your options before hiring. Although you might be undergoing a lot of pain, go online and research on the various auto accident attorneys in your area. Some people think that any injury attorney can handle these cases. However, this is not true in your case because they lack adequate experience. If researching on the internet does not seem fruitful, talk to co-workers and family for recommendations.

2. Location

Make a list of the attorneys you find online or through recommendations and do some background checks. When running these background checks, focus more on auto accidents attorneys that are located in Atlanta or within your locality. The advantage of working with a local attorney is that they have adept knowledge on state and local laws on transportation. They also understand local court procedures.

3. Experience

The time a lawyer spends in court and the number of cases he or she handles determine their experience. When researching the prospective candidates for the job, don’t be afraid to ask about the number of cases they have handled similar to yours. Ask for their record and see the number of cases they have represented. If a lawyer has represented many cases like yours, he or she has more knowledge and skills required to win.

4. Number of cases won

A lawyer who has been in this industry for decades but has not won any compensation case for is previous clients cannot be trusted. Although you should not hire people who guarantee results, it is best to get someone with a good track record in terms of cases won. Opt for lawyers with a good success record to improve your chances of getting compensated.

5. Fees

Although you might be excited to find the right lawyer, it is paramount to discuss their charges. A good auto accident attorney will not charge for the consultation. That way, those who want to file a claim can do it even without money. Apart from this, you should discuss the issue of the total cost of representation. A reputable attorney will ask for a certain percentage of the compensation amount. If they lose the case, you won’t pay anything.

6. Small or large law firm

If you decide to work with a law firm, you must choose between a small firm and a large firm. Each of these has its merits and demerits. A small firm has few clients and will give you all the focus you need to win the compensation. However, they might be limited in terms of resources. A large law firm, on the other hand, might have all the resources but if you are not a better-paying client, they might pay little attention thus the negative outcome.

7. Customer testimonials

It is critical to learn about the experiences of those customers that have worked with the prospective candidates. Ask for a list of past customers of the prospective lawyer and contact a few of them to get their opinion. Ask about the communication skills of the lawyer, success rate and their strengths and weakness. The answers to these questions should determine your final decision. The ideal lawyer should be held in high esteem by past clients. An attorney can only have positive ratings if they have proven to past customers that they are good at what they do.

8. Credentials and licensing

The current market is crowded with fraudsters. It is difficult to differentiate between a legitimate attorney and an illegitimate one without checking their credentials. Request for a valid practice license and other documents that can prove the prospective candidate is operating legally.

In conclusion, picking the right Atlanta car accident lawyer will have a lot of impact on the amount of compensation you receive for the claim being made. So, in the event you get injured due to the negligence of other motorists, take your time and use the above tips to find the right lawyer.

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