Window Tinting: How It Works and Its Overall Benefits

Applying tint on your windows gives more benefits than you may think. Technology and innovation have helped in improving the safety and security of many people. Window tints can now do more than just darken your car windows. Before you see the pros and cons, get to know first how it works.

How It Works

Window tinting is when you put a layer of film on the windows of your car to block, reflect, or absorb certain types of light rays. The film is usually polyester-based with metal and dye treatments. Different kinds of films have different levels at which they allow visible light to pass through.

There are also various dark shades of tints, and there are laws that allow certain shades of darkness. So, if you want dark car windows, you need to check the rules first. You can also get services from the city where you’re from, such as Window Tint Colorado Springs if you live in that city.

The Benefits of Window Tinting

1) Skin Protection

Ultraviolet or UV rays are harmful to human skin and eyes. It can cause skin diseases such as sunburn and skin cancer. Your regular car windows cannot block off UV rays, which is why you may want to consider applying a layer of tint over it.

If you drive your car everywhere under the sun, even if you’re inside it, UV rays can still enter if it doesn’t have UV protection. You’re risking your health, as well as the health of the people inside your car. This can be especially true if you drive a family car, and you should consider tinting your windows to reduce the risk of your children acquiring skin diseases from UV exposure.

2) Prevent Upholstery From Fading or Discoloration

UV rays aren’t just harmful to human skin and eyes. It can also damage the things inside your car. Your car seats’ color can fade under the harmful rays of the sun. If your car spends a lot  of time under the sun, the UV rays can fade or discolor your upholstery, which means it’ll lose its color and vibrancy. Leather seats can dry up and wilt under intense UV rays.

If you have other stuff inside the car, such as decorative plushies on the front window, those could be a victim of the sun’s UV rays as well.

3) Shatter Resistance

Some window tints have shatter resistance benefits. Glass can easily break, but certain window tints can give extra strength to reduce the likelihood of shattering. Cars are especially at risk because of burglary when you park it everywhere.

It may not completely prevent the glass from breaking, but at least there’s some added protection. The film can help hold the breaking glass together to give you enough time to take it to a service for repairs.

4) Reduce Glare

Car accidents are something nobody ever wants to happen to themselves or any of their loved ones. To reduce the likelihood of that happening, you may want to take extra precautions. Glares can obstruct your view of the road, which can be extremely dangerous. You may not notice an oncoming vehicle, which could lead to an accident.

Window tints can help reduce or eliminate glares on your windshield. When the sun is high up, anything that may reflect a blinding beam of light towards you will get blocked off so you don’t get distracted or become temporarily blind because of it.

5) Lower Visibility

As mentioned above, there are different shades of window tints. There are those that don’t impede your visibility even in the dark, and there are also shades that lower visibility when viewed from the outside. Just don’t forget the window tint laws that can guide you on the allowable darkness of window tints.

If you value privacy, window tints can help with that. It helps reduce the risk of people robbing your car. If they can’t see the valuables inside the vehicle, they may look for a different one where they can instead clearly spot the valuables.

6) Block Heat From The Sun

The sunlight entering your car windows can increase the heat inside the vehicle. On warm days, especially summertime, your car can heat up if you leave it outside. If you’re driving with the AC turned on, you’ll be using more gas than usual to prevent the inside of the car from overheating. If your windows are tinted, your car won’t be as warm inside.

Final Thoughts

Windows tints aren’t just for aesthetics. Cars don’t just look cool with dark window tints and it’s also not just for keeping people from looking at the driver. There are lots of benefits you could get, including safety and protection for yourself and loved ones, and spending a few hundred dollars on window tinting is worth all of it.

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