Dangerous Driving Habits You Need To Ditch

After people get their license and drive their vehicles for a few years, many start to develop one or more unsafe habits. With time and comfort comes complacency, even with driving a car. The fact is, that driving is still one of the most dangerous things that you can do, especially if you don’t do it safely.

The most important aspect of staying safe behind the wheel is to eliminate distractions. Accidents can happen in just a split second, so staying alert is the largest part of staying safe. Most drivers spend more than two hours per day behind the wheel, which opens them up to incidents on a daily basis.

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, you should be aware of some of the bad driving habits that you have developed and work harder to stay safe. Personal injury lawyers can attest that a large percentage of modern car accidents are caused by distracted driving.

Cell Phones

Along with the rise of technology, the number of distracted driving accidents has more than tripled in the past ten years. We have cellphones to thank for a large part of the driving distractions that are causing this drastic increase. Taking your attention away from the road for just an instant to answer a call or a text can be deadly. According to the National Safety Council, 20% of all car accidents in 2018 were caused by drivers using cell phones behind the wheel.

Not only can you end up in a car accident, causing injury to yourself or others but you could end up paying hefty fines depending on where you live. Many states have now instituted harsh penalties for driving and talking or texting on your phone, so beware.

Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol and drugs can severely impair your judgement while driving. There are laws in every state that hold heavy penalties for driving under the influence. “Under the influence” can mean more than just having a few drinks and getting behind the wheel. Impairment can include the use of illegal drugs, marijuana, and even prescription drugs. If you feel like you aren’t able to drive you should always arrange for a designated driver or an alternate ride.

Sleep Deprivation

Driving while fatigued can be just as dangerous as driving while under the influence. With busy schedules and work days getting longer and longer, you can end up driving when you really should be getting some rest. If you feel like you are starting to lose focus, pull off the road for a quick nap where you can.

Aggressive Driving

When you are stuck in traffic after a long day or trying to navigate a bumper to bumper jam, it can be a challenge to keep your patience in check. Tailgating, weaving between lanes to jockey for a better position and stopping short can all be aggressive driving methods that can get you in trouble. Take a deep breath when you feel your patience being tested and do what you can to keep your road rage under control.

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