What to Look For When Buying Used Cars


Are you seeking to invest in a used vehicle? It’s a wise decision, especially when you are on a budget and want to save money. However, purchasing a used car can come with its surprise. It’s a sensitive matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly. An unsuspecting buyer may get a vehicle with hidden damages that are costly in the long run. How can you avoid all this? Below we highlight what to look for when buying used cars:

1 Look at the vehicle’s exterior and interior

When buying used cars in salinas, visit a dealer during the day and conduct a vehicle inspection on the interior as well as the surface of the vehicle. This plays a crucial role in determining the car’s value. Check to see if there have been any repairs to the outer body part. Look at the interior upholstery.

Have a look at engine parts. Be on the lookout for dirty and rusted engine parts as this shows a strong indication of negligence, and the car may become trouble down the road.

2 Go for a test drive

You need to have a feel of how a car responds and performs on both local roads and highways. This is the need for a test run. Take your potential vehicle for a spin and see how the vehicle shifts or response to sharp bends. Test the brakes, as you don’t want a car with failed brakes which may cause an accident to passers-by. On the highway, you get to determine if the engine runs efficiently and smooth or not. Also, check to see if all electronics work correctly within the car.

3 Decode the VIN

Have a look at VIN decoder chart to see the used vehicle’s details match with what’s in the car title as well as records. Nowadays, there is VIN cloning where some sellers replace the identification number of a stolen car with one that’s legally registered. This is a scam that you need to become vigilant about. Don’t be duped into buying a vehicle that has been involved in a crime scene or stolen and be linked to a crime you didn’t commit.

4 Have a mechanic inspect your potential car

Are you out shopping for a used car and don’t know what to look at? Why not consult with a mechanic to save you on trips to the auto repair shop once you buy the car? It may seem costly to hire a professional mechanic to inspect your vehicle but it’s worth the price. Mechanics let you know of any potential transmission or engine failures in the future. They help you determine the real value of the car and can spot hidden problems from miles. This will save you from buying a bogus vehicle


Take your time before settling on purchase specific used cars in Salinas. Tips above will set you on the right track while you are out shopping for a used vehicle to get value for your money. Contact trusted car dealers to select from a wide range or reliable car models and brands depending on your taste and preference.

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