7X Design GTO Vision Is The Ultimate Tribute Ferrari

No this is not another special edition from Ferrari but rather a bespoke build by 7X Design based on a 488 GTB.

Is it called the GTO Vision and if you have a look around you will notice many cues from many different prancing horse models; young and old.

By the looks of it, nearly all of the exterior panels of the original 488 GTB have been swapped out to make room for the new bodywork completely made from carbon fibre to keep the weight down low. From the glorious F40-like engine cover to the 288 GTO-inspired double lights up front, the GTO Vision is a celebration of past Ferraris.

The dual winglets at the back are reminiscent of the FXX K track beast, while the rear bumper and diffuser might make you think of the F12berlinetta.

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